Want to experience the best Bowie show of your life?

Look no further than Starman, a celebration to the legend that was David Bowie. Carefully re-creating his life’s work, performing all the famous hits like Space Oddity, Let’s Dance, Life on Mars, Rebel Rebel and of course Starman.

Watch the Bowie Starman celebration Live @ the Echo Arena below!

With a distinctive sound, Starman will take your audiences on a Musical Journey through David Bowie’s Career. Expect superlative musicianship, skilled interpretation, irresistible exuberance and unique presentation, in what is said to be the closest possible alternative to the man himself.

Awesome musicianship, great vocals, killer guitars, Bowie big screen media and lighting plus a heartfelt and genuine respect for the man and his music. All performed in a style fitting to the creative genius that is David Bowie. Simply the best Bowie sounds you will hear performed by the worlds finest Bowie band. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues when the highly-charged show Starman comes to town. Packed with songs from all eras of Bowie’s celebrated career from Rebel Rebel and China Girl to Let’s Dance, Young Americans, Ashes To Ashes and Life On Mars.

Live & studio tracks (Soundcloud)

Performed by 'Blackstar' the world's most powerful Bowie band “David’s musical legacy could not be in safer hands”. So, with the Bowie Starman show, it is the music that takes centre stage. Performed by some of the finest musicians today delivering a high energy show. With stunning visuals to accompany some of the greatest songs ever written. Bowie Starman is a true Bowie fans dream. Never trying to replace but always celebrating the life, the work and most importantly … the man himself.

Carmine Rojas

“Great sound and great feel helping keep the sound of Bowie alive“

David Bowie Bassist 1983 – 1987 (Serious Moonlight & Glass Spider Tours) “Let's Dance”, “China Girl”, “Modern Love”, “Blue Jean”, “Tonight”, “Never Let Me Down”

Cosmic Exposure

“Bowie Starman proves you don’t need wigs, you don’t need gimmicks. You just need to be excellent at what you do.....and they are”

A show created by Bowie Fans for Bowie Fans.

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